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Either another power outage or a computer network outage at the City Park campus has knocked Dolphin Radio off the air and off line. We hope to be back up ASAP. ...

Tune in now til 4PM, playing some sweet music from folks like Nirvana, The Bangles, Eric Clapton, The Cars and more cool stuff that I don't have the time or need to continue listing. Just trust me.

The shows called the Extended mustache ride AKA the Flavor saver show hosted by me, M. Pete! Thursdays 1-4PM.
Call in for a request at 504-671-6589 if you'd like.
DJ Mustache Pete

Are you a student who could use some extra help on the road to success? Tune in to Delgado Pride News with Hilton and Leslie at 9 a.m. as we welcome Dr. Theresa DeGruy and students Rachel Harrell and Kawanda White from TRiO Student Support Services, and learn about the program and how you can qualify! ...

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