Low Power FM on Horizon

Delgado’s Dolphin Radio is one of approximately eight applicants in the New Orleans area in the running for a coveted 100 watt FM radio station license. The FCC opened a narrow application window in late October and early November, 2013. Some applicants were, in the language of the FCC, “singletons”–that is, there was no competition for the channel applied for. Unfortunately, Delgado was not in that number, but because of our long service to the community and our educational mission, the likelihood is very strong that the college will be awarded the license (barring unforeseen circumstances or challenges).

This will mean you will be able to hear Dolphin Radio (with whatever call letters we are assigned) on 98.9 MHz over much of the metro New Orleans area!

Stay tuned to this space for more news!

To see a list of LPFM applicants, go to this REC Networks page and follow the links to the PDFs shown.

NOTE: The group applying for the same FM frequency as Dolphin Radio has a typo on their application; they are listed as being in “Gretna, VA” (instead of LA).

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