WXDR-LP is a non-commercial station and must abide by FCC regulations concerning announcements on behalf of donors.  While we cannot air advertising, we can air underwriter “thank you” announcements.  Please download the PDF below for more information and rates.  If you are interested in supporting Dolphin Radio as an underwriter, please click HERE.

WXDR Underwriter Rate Card_REV

As a non-commercial broadcaster, Delgado’s Dolphin Radio must abide by FCC policies
regarding paid sponsorships. In essence, we cannot air commercials, but we can broadcast
“underwriter” messages–on-air “thank you” announcements. When you support Dolphin
Radio with your donation, you help keep the station on the air and help us train the next
generation of broadcasters.

  • What we CAN say in your message:
  • Slogans that “identify and do not promote”
  • The location of the underwriter
  • “Value neutral” descriptions of products and services
  • Brands and product services and trade names
  • Phone numbers and websites
  • What we CAN’T say in your message:
  • Prices
  • Qualitative claims such as “best” or “most”
  • Direct calls to action such as: “Stop by and see us today!” or “Call us now!”
  • Your Underwriter Message will be approximately 20 to 30 seconds long.